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Your site deserves to show up on page one.
YP will get you there.


The ypWebsite Pro risk-free value promise:

We’ll get your site to rank on page one of Google’s search results for at least 50% of your targeted keywords within six months or your money back!

  • While there is no way to guarantee individual SEO results, we believe in our methods enough to take on the risk for our clients. Historically, clients have seen well over half of targeted keywords return results on page one within six months.
  • Purchase the recommended plan and meet eligibility requirements and if your site has not ranked on page one of Google’s desktop search results for at least 50% of your targeted keywords within six months, we’ll gladly refund your fees for those six months.

Eligibility Requirements/Terms and Conditions: 

  • Must purchase ypWebsite Pro plan recommended by your YP consultant for your business and its competition level (low/medium/high), based on your business type and location, for a term of at least 12 months
  • Offer applies to six-month period immediately following activation of your new ypWebsite Pro site only (“Introductory Offer Period”)
  • Must actively participate in ypWebsite Pro design and SEO campaign strategy consultation sessions conducted by YP representatives 
  • Must agree to permit implementation of all YP-recommended SEO actions, including onsite and offsite content and linking.  Must not make independent changes to your website that could negatively affect SEO  
  • Targeted (or Optimized/Active) Keywords” (terms used interchangeably) are defined as those keywords originally selected or approved by you and YP for your SEO campaign, as matched with search terms (words) entered by Google users in Google’s search query box on Google.com using a desktop web browser.  All Targeted Keywords must be approved by YP’s SEO team representatives.  Limit of total Targeted Keywords per ypWebsite Pro, depending on plan level purchased (Low= 2 Active Keywords/Medium= 4 Active Keywords/High= 6 Active Keywords)
  • Must be current and in good standing on payment of invoices for all YP products and services, and have not received any other refund for ypWebsite Pro
  • Must request refund of ypWebsite Pro fees within 15 days after end of Introductory Offer Period 



ypWebsite Pro PromiseTerms and Eligibility Rules | Yellow Pages


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