"At YP, sustainability starts with our mission: helping small businesses and local communities grow."

YP℠ Cares About Sustainable Neighborhoods

The Real Yellow Pages® are the original local shopping guide. As part of the local fabric, we do our best to ensure that our print products are sustainable and delivered only to the companies and consumers who want them.

The fact is, Yellow Pages advertising is the most effective way to target adults over the age of 45.1 Additionally, the Real Yellow Pages are referenced 113 times per second.2 However, unlike the directories of yesteryear, new Yellow Pages are sustainable.

About Today's Directories:


They're completely recyclable

Your local phone book contains recycling instructions; in some communities, curbside recycling is an option. For more information, contact your local Yellow Pages publisher.

They've been reclaimed

The EPA reports that over 70% of Yellow Page Directories are recovered3 and converted into new products including egg cartons and insulation.

They use sustainable resources

The paper used in modern day directories comes from lumber industry by-products and sustainable forestry.

They're environmentally responsible

When possible, soy-based inks and vegetable-based adhesives are part of the production process.

Find Your Local Directory

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YP℠ publishes over 1,200 directories across 22 states. The Real Yellow Pages® generates over 295 million monthly references to print advertisers.


Because we care about environmental stewardship and technology advancements, the Real Yellow Pages have adjusted their production accordingly.

Over time, YP has improved manufacturing techniques, decreased directory size, lowered production quantity and have empowered consumers to opt out of receiving the books.



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2 Local Search Association, 2013 Local Media Tracking Study
3 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Municipal Solid Waste Facts and Figures (2011)