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"With YP on our team, we’re able to do more business, and by doing more business we’re able to do better medicine." - Dr. Ross Clark

Woodland West Pet Care Centers has established itself as the go-to business for pet care in Tulsa, OK. Their sprawling facilities include a veterinary hospital, grooming and boarding centers, and a doggy day camp that even your kids would envy.

Unlike most veterinary clinics, they dedicate 3% of their gross annual revenue to advertising, and the results have been clear. Dr. Mike Jones is the hospital’s director, and he explained that in the veterinary world, putting time and money into advertising was considered taboo. Despite this, marketing has always been part of Woodland West’s operations.

"With YP on our team, we’re able to do more business, and by doing more business we’re able to do better medicine." - Dr. Ross Clark
"On average we’re getting about 200-250 calls per month through YP." - Dr. Ross Clark

"We see results. We have about 150-160 new clients per month, which would be about twice the national average." -Dr. Ross Clark

Dr. Ross Clark, owner and founder of Woodland West, and his team have leveraged a variety of marketing tactics with YP℠, including print ads, direct mail, and search.

While print advertising has been a tried-and-true method for Woodland West to reach new clients, adding search gave their business a significant boost.

"His calls went up significantly—about 25%,” said Bob Taylor, their YP marketing consultant. “He started with 100 calls average [per month], then we started to go to 125 a month."

As they continued to add more budget and more advertising approaches, their YP call volume doubled to nearly 250 calls per month.

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"We think our clients and our pets come first." -Dr. Mike Jones

“The major difference that makes Woodland West the premier provider of veterinary care in the Tulsa area is our desire for client service,” said Dr. Jones. “We want the patient to be well taken care of but we also want that client to feel like they’ve come to the best place possible.”

With six veterinarians and seven registered vet technicians on staff at the hospital, Woodland West Animal Hospital is able to stay open from 7am to 8pm 365 days per year, so they’re almost always available to serve clients in need.

As much as they enjoy working with their human clients, ultimately the vets are really there because they’re dedicated to improving the lives of animals. “Animals are not judgmental. They love you,” said Dr. Clark. “If your spouse or children met you every night the way a dog meets you every night with their tail wagging and wanting to kiss you, human relationships would be a lot better as well.”

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