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"My relationship with YP just makes it seamless for me." - Tom Wise

Wise Consulting and Training is a full-service environmental consulting business based in Reno, Nevada since 1998. The owner, Tom Wise, and his staff provide assessments of both residential and commercial properties that may be at risk for contaminants such as asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, and radon. In addition to performing on-site consultations, they also provide EPA and OSHA-accredited environmental training courses.

“As soon as we established Wise Consulting, YP℠ was there for us,” said Tom Wise. “We established our business … and we were immediately hit with the need to get an ad in the Real Yellow Pages.”

Tom understood that potential clients weren’t going to look up his business by its name; they were going to search based on the environmental contamination issue they were facing.

Tom worked with his YP marketing consultant to develop online search ads as well as print ads in The Real Yellow Pages® that clearly indicate the value and expertise of Wise Consulting.

“When you have an emergency — you’ve got mold, you’ve got asbestos — how do you find somebody that does that?” Tom said. “So we always did appreciate the help [from YP] on how to make our small business ads look attractive, and how they communicated the message of what we did quickly for people who are in emergency mode.”

"My relationship with YP just makes it seamless for me." - Tom Wise
"That’s why I’ve stayed loyal to YP: it’s because we knew they were reaching areas that are really hard to reach with any kind of marketing media." - Tom Wise

"I’m definitely happy with the results. As a small-business man, I hate to write checks all the time for advertisers. But when I see the measurable results, it just keeps me coming back." -Tom Wise

Tom now attributes up to 40% of the calls he receives to his YP advertising efforts. “We often ask people how they found us. Because our two main streams of business to Wise Consulting over these many years have been word of mouth and YP. YP either in print or online, these days,” he said.

More calls lead to more clients, which lead to better business results. In the past 15 years, Wise Consulting has grown significantly: "The business started with two people and a single office and a door with our name on it and some clients,” Tom said. “We’re now up to the range of 7-9 people working here."

Since opening their doors, Tom and his staff have supervised the completion of more than 6,000 environmental consulting projects and more than 750 accredited environmental training courses.

Over the years, Tom has also established a close relationship with his dedicated YP marketing consultant, Frank Banales. “My relationship with Frank is he’s looking out for my best interests,” said Tom. “He knows I’m busy, he knows I’m distracted most of the time, he knows what’s going on in the advertising and media business, and in the online search business.”

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"If you want something, you’ve got to be a doer. You’ve got to go for it, and you’ve got to be willing to be persistent, you’ve got to pay the price and be willing to work hard." -Tom Wise

Frank’s marketing and advertising expertise has helped Tom grow his business, but it’s also helped Tom’s son, David, flourish in his freestyle skiing career.

“Frank and I developed this friendship about the fact that we both have ski families,” Tom said. David Wise is a competitive freestyle skier, and he took Frank’s advice to develop a website that he could use to market himself within the ski community.

David’s hard work paid off when he competed in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and became the first-ever Olympic gold medalist for half-pipe skiing.

“One of the things about being a dad business owner and trying to help my three kids get where they want to go … is that I work really hard to give them opportunities. Some of which I didn’t have,” Tom said. “To see my son win the first Olympic gold medal in half-pipe skiing is just terrific.”

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