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Capt. Anderson's Restaurant

"We see there’s an enormous spike of visits via YP." - Jimmy Patronis

Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant & Waterfront Market has been owned and operated by the Patronis family for two generations, and they’ve been dedicated clients of YP℠ since the business opened its doors. “The relationships that YP has created are very strong relationships,” said Yani Patronis, one of the four brothers who now run the restaurant. “My current rep and I have worked together for longer than 10 years now.”

Working with a local YP marketing consultant allows the Patronis brothers to get tailored advertising recommendations that help them meet their revenue goals. “Our marketing consultant will come visit with me and he’ll teach me how to understand and maximize my product, and how I can get the most bang for my buck with the YP relationship,” said Jimmy Patronis, the youngest of the sons.

"We see there’s an enormous spike of visits via YP." - Jimmy Patronis
"It’s been fifty-plus years that we’ve been with the YP organization, and it’s been a great relationship. It’s helped carry this business to where it is today." - Yani Patronis

"YP has grown with us." -Jimmy Patronis

“Over the past six or seven years, we’ve definitely shifted emphasis from print to internet-based media, and that’s the direction that we’re heading right now,” Yani said, explaining that YP has kept pace with the digital era by continually offering new products that target this audience.

“We’re getting about 400 calls a month, and over 300 of them are coming from the digital side of the platform.”

The Capt. Anderson team has used a full suite of YP’s products to drive business, track the success of their ads, and improve their customer relationships. “We’re getting hundreds of calls a month. I think last month alone was 579 calls,” Jimmy said.

“That’s a tremendous amount of call volume, but the nice thing about it is that with YP I can leverage those. It allows me to track them so that I can follow up with direct mail, customer service survey responses—there’s so many other ways that I can leverage it, and I think the possibilities of harvesting and growing that relationship with those customers are really limitless.”

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"The success of Capt. Anderson’s really boils down to our people." -Jimmy Patronis

When the Capt. Anderson’s first opened, it was a small 90-seat establishment that served breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the year. At the time, banks were hesitant to loan money to restaurants, so when brothers Jimmy Sr. and Johnny Patronis bought the restaurant from the Anderson family in 1967 they had to pinch pennies to fund the business from their own pockets.

Their hard work and investments paid off, because they’ve since grown Capt. Anderson’s to a 700-seat destination restaurant that serves nearly 2,000 people per night during their peak season.

Capt. Anderson’s sits on a scenic marina in Panama City, Florida, a vibrant beach town in the panhandle. Because of their focus on community, most of their dishes are big enough to share. They want friends and families to come in, share a bottle of wine, share an appetizer of their famous grilled bay shrimp, and celebrate being together.

But it’s not just the customers who feel like family. During their peak season, Capt. Anderson’s employs up to 200 people. Many of Capt. Anderson’s staff members have worked at the restaurant since it first opened. “The success of Captain Anderson’s really boils down to our people,” said Jimmy. “We’ve got several families of employees that are on their second and third generation working with us ... They become family.”

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Capt. Anderson's Restaurant | Yellow Pages


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