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"YP is a partner in our success, just as our customers look at us as being a partner in their success." - Steve Johnson

Aero Compressor is Southern California’s leading distributor of top-of-the-line industrial air compressors, air dryers, vacuum systems, and filters. In the manufacturing industry, compressed air is considered the “fourth utility.” It can be used to power cylinders, valves, and other equipment, however it’s cleaner and safer than most forms of energy.

While Aero Compressor has been in business since 1962, its owners and managers have strategically limited its growth, keeping the company small and specialized. But they face the challenge of competing with large manufacturing companies that invest significantly more money in sales and marketing.

“We are a smaller company, and we play against major manufacturers with billions of dollars to invest,” said Steve Johnson, Aero Compressor’s general manager. “We have to invest our dollars very wisely with people who want to work with us and help us gain. YP’s done that for us.”

YP℠ marketing consultants work with Steve to determine the best tactics for reaching his target audience, and they advise him on how to expand and contract his budget to suit the seasonality of his market. “YP has introduced us to the concept of trying to address the market that’s available at any given time,” Steve said. “With that we’ve adjusted how we do our mailings, to address the time of the year and what we’re advertising to fit that.”

Aero Compressor takes advantage of a full range of YP’s marketing solutions, including print ads in The Real Yellow Pages®online search adspromotional video content, and direct mail marketing.

“We’ve had more than one consultant with YP in the past, and honestly they’ve all been excellent,” said Steve. “They’ve worked with us diligently to make sure we’re getting the biggest bang for our buck. They always come to us with great ideas and new concepts for us to consider and to apply to our business where appropriate.”

"YP is a partner in our success, just as our customers look at us as being a partner in their success." - Steve Johnson
"We’ve gone to YP over the years to have the appropriate presence in the Real Yellow Pages®, and more recently mobile communications, as well as the internet. And they help us to adjust our spending so that we have the best coverage in the right area at the right time." - Steve Johnson

"YP definitely has become our go-to partner because of the fact that we’ve grown. Ultimately that is the measure of success; either you’re moving ahead or you’re not." -Steve Johnson

Direct mail marketing has been one of the most effective tactics Aero Compressor has used to draw repeat business. They worked with YP to develop branded magnet mailers that their customers could stick to their machines to keep Aero Compressor top of mind. They’ve also distributed maintenance reminders and coupons for replacement parts.

“The best vehicle for us in determining the success of our efforts with YP was when we did a series of mailers where we offered the customer a small discount if they came in and purchased their parts and mentioned the ad,” Steve explained. “I believe that it increased our business, because it showed that we were offering our customers an opportunity to stay with us and a reward for doing so … We’ve had a steady increase over the past year since we started it, and it seems to be doing quite well.”

Steve’s marketing consultant also runs online search ads that target prospective customers within their service area of Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Those efforts generated 1,174 new leads in 2014; an average of nearly 100 new leads per month.

“YP’s helping us to stay in touch with our customer base and find new customers all the time,” Steve said. “As we continue to invest in advertising and marketing, I think that we can expect continued success.”

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"We truly care for our customers and realize the better we do up front for them, the more successful we’ll be at the end of the day." -Steve Johnson

When it comes to securing new customers, you need more than just marketing: you need high-quality products and clear value before you can make a sale.

Steve explains that Aero Compressor differentiates itself from its goliath competitors by offering value-added services up front to prospective customers. “What makes Aero Compressor important to our customers is the fact that we … make sure that their air compressor selection is correct for them,” Steve said. “We help them to select the most energy-efficient equipment available so that they can minimize the cost of operation, and we provide them with equipment that has awesome warranties on it.”

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