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The Khan Law Firm: Bringing Families Together

"YP and Google have been great partners from the very start."
-Nas Khan, President and CEO of The Khan Law Firm

"Before we started working with YP, we had real trouble getting clients in the door. Now, we get so many calls every day with potential clients saying things like, ‘Oh, I saw you online. Can I come in? I’ve got this problem.’ And, of course, we’re happy to schedule an appointment and get them in the door."
-Nas Khan

Specializing in immigration and business law, the Kahn Law Firm aims to do one thing: to bring families separated by borders together – and to keep them together. Not long ago, though, the firm was struggling to get the word out to people they could really help.
Nas Khan, President and CEO, knew that something had to be done. The firm’s work was too important not to be noticed. “When people come to us, they have real problems: they have issues with their immigration status, they want to bring someone here, they’ve been separated from their families for a long time.”
“We bring people together, which is so important,” added Khan with conviction.
So, to get the ball rolling, Khan started his search for a marketing partner, one that could help him reap the benefit of digital advertising. “We tried to use a few different companies, but there’s only one that stood out: YP Marketing Solutions.”




"YP definitely has become our go-to partner because of the fact that we’ve grown."





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