Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center

"I would recommend YP highly. They've has shown a consistent ability to bring new customers to our door and help us create relationships with new golfers."
-Jeff Hoag

"Advertising in this day and age is a bigger issue than it ever has been. The ability to be able to know your advertising is working is extremely important."
-Jeff Hoag

Jeff Hoag bought Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center in 1975 and has run and grown the business ever since. Scott Lake is in the rolling hills of Comstock Park, Michigan and is a 27-hole public course that offers a driving range, practice center, and a variety of golf leagues and outings.
“We have been using YP℠ since 1975; since we took over the business,” Jeff said. “YP has been an important part of our marketing plan, and it continues to be so today.”

For Jeff, being able to track the results of his marketing campaigns has been a top priority. It’s one of the reasons why he committed to advertising using YP℠ for the past four decades.

“Many of the other types of advertising that are out there— whether it be print or media— we have a difficult time measuring,” he said. “We’ve found the YP platform to be extremely effective at being able to measure our expenses.”

YP’s marketing solutions provide Jeff with detailed reports on the performance of his online advertising campaigns as well as call tracking information from his print ads in The Real Yellow Pages®.

“Certainly one of the wonderful things that YP provides for us is a monitoring program that sends us monthly reports, so we’re able to see what’s working, who’s calling, and what our company response is.”

The relationship Jeff has with YP is more than just numbers and reports — YP’s marketing consultants provide consistent, personalized service to all YP customers.

“I like the contact from my rep. The fact that he’s able to bring me different ideas is important, and the fact that we don’t have to spend time reestablishing the relationship every single time, he meets with me, is hugely important.”

Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center

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Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center

"The account service we've received from YP has been excellent. Any time there’s been issues or concerns or questions, I get an immediate response. I couldn’t ask for anything better."
-Jeff Hoag

When Jeff first started advertising with YP℠, he used The Real Yellow Pages℠ to reach potential customers within a 5 to 10-mile radius. As his business grew, he wanted to reach more golfers in neighboring communities.

“As we expanded our advertising with YP, we were able to extend our reach to a much larger regional area 15, 20, and 30 miles away,” he said. “So when we’re using YP, we’re looking to reach out to markets that we currently don’t serve. And when we bring those people in, we know that they are responding to our YP advertising.”

The rise of internet advertising has provided Scott Lake with new opportunities. Jeff worked with his YP marketing consultants to develop online search ads that help him reach a younger audience. In 2014, YP delivered 812 new leads to Scott Lake through online search marketing alone.

With a combination of print and digital advertisements, Scott Lake can attract new golfers throughout the year. YP’s sophisticated reporting features help Jeff understand the real ROI of his marketing efforts.

“Over the years, I’ve considered not advertising with YP, until we get to looking at our year-end results,” Jeff said. “And then you say, ‘Wow, without our marketing expense and what we spend with YP, where would we be? ... Why would I even think of not marketing?’

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Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center

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"YP has done a wonderful job for us. They have brought us some new products and some new areas where we feel we can expand our market."
-Jeff Hoag