Morningstar Doors and Windows:A Story of Customer Service

"With YP, you can validate the sale and clearly see a return on your investment.”
– David Hauser, Jr.

"I really like using the YP for Business app because when I’m on the go, I can track my advertising campaigns and make sure that I’m getting a return on my investment."
- David Hauser, Jr.

Morningstar Doors and Windows is more than just a distributor of residential and commercial window and door products – it’s a family business. And it’s a business that founder, David Hauser Sr. and his son, the current owner, David Hauser Jr., take great pride in. Morningstar was founded 30 years ago in Farmingdale, New York. This father-son company has grown over the years to serve the greater tri-state area, a success they owe to a basic core value which guides their every decision: do the right thing.

“I find business similar to nature in the sense that it’s like survival of the fittest,” notes David Jr. “In business, the most adaptable is the most successful. And to keep us adaptable, we need the newest technology, YP’s been helping us with that.”

Morningstar Doors and Windows

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