Angelone's Florist: A Story of Legacy

"I think YP can easily help anyone grow their business.”
– Lynn Angelone

"Our overall growth with YP has been over 400%. In the last year alone, we’ve seen growth of our nationwide program of 170%."
– Lynn Angelone.

For Lynn Angelone, flowers are more than just a business, they’re a family legacy. Angelone’s Florist was founded in 1950 by Lynn’s father, James Angelone. In the late 70’s, he joined his father’s business and found more than just a job – he found his place in the world. “This is what I want to do,” he thought. His daughter has since come to work in the shop and she, too, shares in that passion. It is the legacy of a business built by three generations that motivates Lynn to come into work every day. He is personally invested in the floral arrangements they create and it’s why his customers keep coming back.

Ensuring that Angelone’s Florist thrives as a business has also meant embracing new ideas and technology. Realizing that the world today is increasingly digital, Lynn decided to take action and bring his business up to date.

Angelone's Florist

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