Accredited Home Care: Building Relationships

"I worked with the Yellow Pages back in 1980, and we’ve maintained that relationship for over 37 years, where now it’s morphed into working with"
-Barry Berger

"What I like about having Accredited’s profile on is that it’s not just another name and another phone number. It’s more interactive. From the books to the web now to search engine optimization, it’s all come full circle."
-Neil Rotter, Chief Strategy Officer, Accredited Home Care

Barry Berger knows a thing or two about building a successful business. For almost four decades, he has been the proud owner of Accredited Home Care, a home healthcare company who provides both non-medical homecare and skilled home healthcare for about 5,000 patients per month. But Berger has built more than a business. By cultivating trust and loyalty with his clients, he has built relationships. “We’re in an industry built on referrals,” explains Berger. “Building relationships—getting people to like you, getting people to trust you—that extends beyond the referral sources and the patients.”
“I would absolutely recommend YP. There’s a lot out there, and we’ve tried different things, but at the end of the day, I’m still with YP and not the others.”   - Neil Rotter




Accredited Home Care

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