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3 Design Best Practices for Mobile Display Advertising

Mobile advertising is essential for any company that wants to remain current. As more people use mobile devices to read emails and to search the Internet, it is important for a business to create ads that are legible and attractive on a wide variety of small screen sizes.

1. Choose bright colors

In creating mobile display advertising, you want to use strong, bright, and complementary colors, preferably those related to your logo, brand, or mobile website. The idea is to create brand awareness and, at the same time, maintain consistent messaging and design throughout all the marketing channels you use.

2. Keep text short

With mobile ads, you need text that is short, simple, and clear. You want to get to the point immediately so that viewers can quickly understand what the ad is about. The number of words should be fewer than ten.

If possible, use descriptive and concrete words that evoke an image in the minds of the viewers. The best fonts are clean and sans serif to make reading easier. You also want the size of the font to be scaled to fit the various screen sizes.

3. Contrast the call to action (CTA)

The CTA tells viewers what you want them to do next, such as "Download Now" or "Click Here." For the CTA button to stand out, you need to contrast it with the rest of the ad. Viewers should see the CTA almost immediately, so place it where viewers’ eyes are drawn. You can position the CTA button at the bottom or lower right of the ad.

With more people using mobile devices now than ever, it’s become essential for you to reach your audience through mobile display advertising. By following a few design best practices, more people will notice and respond positively to your ads.


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