Why Analyzing Customer Demographics Should Be In Your Marketing Mix
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Why Analyzing Customer Demographics Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

Taking an in-depth look at customer demographics is essential before starting any small business marketing campaign. Regardless of whether your business is B2C or B2B, there are certain key metrics you should be gathering. Here’s a few ways that you can effectively integrate this data into your marketing mix.

Which customer demographics to know and where to find them

 For B2C companies, demographics to focus on include: age, gender, marital status, occupation, interests, income level, and location. For B2B companies, metrics like annual revenue, business age, location, business sector, and the number of employees are key.

Keeping a customer database is one of the best ways to track demographics. Sales dashboards make it easy to input and analyze customer metrics. Many sites (like LinkedIn) can give you information on business size and age.

Incorporating customer demographics into marketing Ppans

Once you have detailed information about your customers, it becomes much easier to design marketing campaigns that specifically target them. Instead of using trial-and-error, you market directly to your customers with laser precision.

By knowing your customer profile, you can figure out which marketing campaigns have the highest chance of success. For example—let’s say your customers are predominantly unmarried males, between the ages of 22 and 35, who have office jobs. Armed with this information, you can skew your marketing mix to reach this audience. Advertising in printed newspapers and magazines probably isn’t going to be as effective as Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns.

By knowing the income level of your customers, you can better market products that offer the most value to them. Those with low income are going to be attracted to different products than more affluent customers.

Using customer demographics in online advertising campaigns

Online or social advertising will be less fruitful if you aren’t targeting the right people. By analyzing your customer metrics, you can turn lackluster campaigns into profitable ones. Phrasing the titles and ad copy to appeal to specific customers will make a huge difference.

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Why Analyzing Customer Demographics Should Be In Your Marketing Mix


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