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5 Tips For Best Small Business Week Standouts

Want the best possible small business marketing program? The key: Learn from the best. In honor of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) upcoming Small Business Week, we reached out to entrepreneurs who have been honored by the annual SBA event in the past. They provided their best small business marketing tips that have contributed to their award-winning success:

1. Make the web a great showroom

Larry Janesky, founder of Basement Systems Inc., stresses the importance of content marketing and videos: “You can market your organization online to look worse than you really are, as you really are, or better than you really are. We used video online to establish our leadership position even before we were the leader.”

He stresses the importance of strong content: ”Our customers seldom come to our place of business—so our website and all its assets are our store—accessible to people worldwide, 24/7/365,” he says.

2. Know your niche

Wendy Navarro, owner of Saige Nicole’s Baby & Toddler Boutique, sells a lot of products online—and seeks out a lot of attention from bloggers and social media who can drive traffic to her site.

“Moms trust other moms who are blogging,” she says. “We pay a lot of attention to which bloggers in our niche are being followed and making a buzz.”

The company reaches out to those influencers and asks them to do a blog about the company or to participate in a giveaway contest for a product they carry.

“When those people talk about our website, we get additional followers and exposure,” she says.

3. Go after "likes"

Navarro has found that when people come to her social media page or website and “like” it, their enthusiasm translates into sales. “However, not all the likes are from customers—some are from other stores and people in our industry,” she says. “For that reason, we network within our industry, and we’re always on the lookout for a good fit for a cross promotion.”

4. Do a Twitter chat

You probably know about “tweets”—comments that come 140 characters at a time. Donna Maria Coles Johnson, an entrepreneurial coach and founder of The Indie Business Network, advises that small businesses engage in “twitter chats,” subject-matter conversations that occur on Twitter.

The way this works is participants discuss a topic using a hashtag (a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #) to tie the conversation together.

“A Twitter chat is a great way for you to host an online event that shares your passion and exposes more people to what you have to offer,” she says.

An accountant might have a chat about new tax laws or a stylist about new skin care products. She says the important element to a twitter chat is consistency. When you’re starting out you might have few participants and might need to “seed” the conversation with contributions from friends.

But if you continue to do the chat at least on a weekly basis, your audience—and your reputation -- will grow.

5. Reuse your content

In a time when “content is king,” Johnson says it’s important to squeeze every bit of use out of every piece of material in your content marketing. For example, Johnson uses all the tweets she collects during a Twitter chat to create blog postings.

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5 Tips For Best Small Business Week Standouts | Yellow Pages


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