Your Marketing Minute – Tip: Mobile Display Ad Targeting
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Your Marketing Minute - Tip: Mobile Display Ads Targeting

Welcome to Your Marketing Minute, brought to you by YP Marketing Solutions. We must myths and give you practical marketing tips in sixty-ish seconds or less. In episode five, we reach into our tip jar to tell you about targeting local consumers with mobile.

Did you know that 60 percent of people would rather lose their wallet than their phone? Mobile has exploded in recent years. This mobile revolution provides local businesses with the ability to target consumers with mobile advertisements. But is it possible to get away with trying to target a specific type of consumer?

Find out in episode five, when Your Marketing Minute speaks with YP's mobile display ad expert, Frank Cifelli. Then, be sure to download our FREE Essential Guide to Mobile Display Advertising to learn even more tips and tricks on how to reach and engage your target consumers with precision. 


Julie leads the content strategy and events for YP Marketing Solutions, directed at local businesses. She is also a published songwriter and avid runner who enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. You can connect with her on Twitter (@julieneumark) and on LinkedIn

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