Your Marketing Minute – Mythbust: “Managing Your Online Presence Is Easy”
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Your Marketing Minute – Mythbust: “Managing Your Online Presence Is Easy”

Welcome to Your Marketing Minute, brought to you by YP for Business. We bust myths and give you practical marketing tips in sixty-ish seconds or less. In this episode, we bust the myth that managing your business listings (aka, your online presence) across the web is easy – that is, without help of a solution like ypPresence Plus.

Did you know that your business could be listed across 60+ sites without you even knowing it? Having accurate and consistent information across every site where your business pops up matters to consumers, helping them decide how to choose one business over another. In fact, according to our very own The Why Before the Buy research, 37 percent of consumers will NOT even consider a business with inaccurate information across the web. Even more of a reason why it’s absolutely critical to stay on top of your business’s online presence.

FACT: It can take up to 45 minutes per site to claim your listing and update your information!

Watch the video above to learn how you can do it all at a fraction of the time. Then visit YP, The Real Yellow Pages® to see how we help connect local businesses with local consumers.


Julie leads the content strategy and events for YP Marketing Solutions, directed at local businesses. She is also a published songwriter and avid runner who enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. You can connect with her on Twitter (@julieneumark) and on LinkedIn

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