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Why Your Insurance Company Must Advertise on Mobile

The devices (aka, mobile phones) that fit so neatly into jacket pockets have become a central part of our daily lives. Think of how many times a day you use your phone to check your email, conduct searches on the go, play games, use social media apps, and so much more. As an insurance company, the growing prevalence of mobile device usage is affecting how potential customers find you and the insurance packages you offer. In fact, 64 percent of consumers have searched for insurance (of all kinds) using their smart phone.* The writing is on the wall: to stay competitive, mobile must be part of your marketing strategy. Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at the chart below. Mobile is overtaking overall search inquiries across the entire insurance ecosystem. YP, local business, small business, small business owner, mobile, mobile marketing, insurance, insurance companies, data, stats, insights, digital, digital marketing But that's not where this story ends. Here are a few more reasons why your insurance business needs to get moving on mobile (if you haven't done so already):

  1. Make your website mobile responsive
    In the insurance business, you're in constant pursuit of new customers. However, the challenge in this pursuit is that today's customers are much more demanding and finicky about user experience than ever before. In fact, accordingly to Warcle research, 43 percent of mobile customers are unlikely to return to a mobile site that loads slowly. What constitutes slowly? A mere 3-5 seconds. When a potential customer lands on your website to look for insurance packages, you're contending with both an attention span of a goldfish and an expectation that everything will work perfectly on any device, instantly. If you don't impress them quickly, you may lose their business forever. 60 percent of consumers will wait less than three seconds — and then never return. Your customers are mobile and they have exceedingly extreme expectations. Those are high stakes in and of themselves. However, that's not the only factor at play here. Google's search algorithm heavily favors websites that are mobile responsive. Any site that works seamlessly on a mobile device will more likely get a significant boost in ranking compared to a non-mobile-friendly website. What does that mean for you and your business? Your website has a much higher chance of falling off the search radar if you haven't invested in a mobile-responsive design. As if that's not already a lot to keep in mind, it's important to know that 79 percent of major insurance companies offer the ability to report a claim from a mobile phone. If you're an independent agent or broker, that may seem like a tall order if your goal is to keep up with the competition (especially the big guys). But it's not impossible when you have the right strategy in place and the right partner working with you along the way.  
  2. Mobile allows you to intelligently target potential customers
    Sure, there are millions of search inquiries for insurance providers done every day, but you should only want to ever spend marketing dollars to target, reach, and convert customers that are searching near you. So, if you've got budget to allocate to marketing, mobile display and search ads provide some of the best return-on-investment (ROI) out there. The reason is simple: you can hone in on the right people, at the right time, in the moment when they are searching for your services. Here are a few things we know about insurance searchers: 62% =  new customers 51% = women 49% = men 48.4 years = average age $62k = average household income You can use this information to your advantage when you set up your mobile marketing campaigns. Whether you decide to segment your marketing messages by gender, by age, by household income, or any combination of your choosing, you can rest assured that your marketing spend will work hard to generate quality leads that eventually convert into actual customers. And even better, you can adjust and refine your targeting preferences at any time, ensuring your marketing spend is always working to drive your business growth.  
  3. Your competitors are already doing it
    Many consumers searching for insurance do not always begin their search with a specific company in mind. Even more reason why you have to grab a potential customer's attention and interest in one click — and then only a few seconds more to seal the deal. And with 79 percent of the big guys offering up all the information that a potential customer could ever want or need from their mobile websites, it's critical that you up your mobile game. Otherwise, your competition will end up doing all the talking for you and potentially steal your share of the pie.

Today, a strong marketing strategy must include mobile. There's no way around it. However, for a digital marketing newbie, figuring out how to get started might seem overwhelming. That's where a marketing partner like YP℠ comes into play. YP understands the needs of local businesses and offers the right marketing products and solutions to address those needs. After all, we've been doing it for over 100 years. We can get your message in front of the right potential customers at the right time, helping you drive real business growth.  *Local Search Association, Local Media Tracking Study 2015; N=8,014 U.S. Adults   Photo Credit: Adobe Stock (standard license)

Susan is the content marketing manager for YP Marketing Solutions for local business. She graduated from Washington State University with a Master of Arts in Communications and has dedicated her career to learning the ever-changing field of digital marketing with an emphasis in content, SEM, and social media. You can connect with Susan on Linkedin.  

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