New Research Underscores the Ready-to-Buy Mindset of YP Users
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New Research Underscores the Ready-to-Buy Mindset of YP Users

The question on the minds of many local business owners today is: “How can I connect with the right local consumers who can eventually become loyal, paying customers?”  

We know that today’s consumers zigzag between devices, platforms, and the online and offline worlds at a dizzying pace as they travel along their path to purchase. Oftentimes, they visit multiple sources before ever making a purchase decision. This can be confusing and overwhelming to any local business owner who might be dipping their toes into building an integrated marketing strategy for the first time. However, it also signals a huge opportunity to reach consumers wherever they are on their purchase journey.

Our mission at YP, The Real Yellow Pages® is to connect local businesses with local consumers across America’s largest, ready-to-buy audience. We stand by that promise each and every day. And while we’ve always known that the people who come to, the YP℠ app, and The Real Yellow Pages® Directory are more inclined to make purchase decisions than the average searcher, we wanted proof to back it up.

So, we partnered with comScore on a custom research study to compare the local search and spending behaviors of YP℠ users against all searchers. The results were impressive, speaking volumes about how YP uniquely helps consumers find new local businesses and make more informed purchase decisions. Today, we’re excited to unveil the results of this research. Here’s a preview:

  • 2 out of 3 YP users start their search intending to make a reservation, appointment, or purchase

  • 91 percent of YP users contact a business after searching (visiting website, calling, emailing, etc.)

  • 74 percent of YP users make a purchase after conducting a search (vs. 68% of all searchers)

  • YP users spend an average of 34 percent more per purchase than all searchers.

Even though this is just a sneak peek at the results, the numbers speak for themselves – it’s an overwhelming endorsement of YP’s role as the champion for local businesses. Check out the full array of insights from this research by downloading the YP Advantage Report today.

Don’t stop there. Learn more about YP’s full-suite of integrated marketing solutions that help local businesses connect with local consumers in a big way.


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