Mythbust: "All I Need Is Basic Content"
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Mythbust: "All I Need Is Basic Content"

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Not to date myself or anything, but do you remember that old Saturday Night Live skit (from the early, early days) called “Scotch Boutique”? Gilda Radner and Fred Willard play the proprietors of a specialty store called by that same name. Does the store specialize in kilts, rye, and all things Scottish? Nope. The Scotch Boutique does one thing – and one thing only: It sells Scotch tape.

The dialogue went something like this:

Fred Willard (to customer Jane Curtin): Isn't that something! You were in here before, and now you're back again!

Curtin: Right. Yeah.

Willard: How’d that, uh, tape work out? Okay?

Curtin: Oh, good, good. Yeah. Sticks really well.

Willard: Well, that’s fine then.

Gilda: Uh, that'll be, uh, nine cents, please.

It's funny precisely because it is so patently ridiculous. I mean really, what business would be so specialized as to sell only one product or, for that matter, offer only one type of content? Hmmm...?

Look, I am in the business of giving business advice. Sometimes it's good (usually, I hope), and maybe sometimes it’s not. But here is one thing I would never do: give the same piece of advice again and again and again, do the same thing over and over and over again, or sell the same product over and over and over again. Doing so is just asking your customers to tune you out.

So, why do you have the same boring information and content (again and again and again) on your website? If your site has gone stale or if you've noticed that clicks, click-throughs, and conversions are down, that is why.

Instead, what you need to do is offer a mix of rich content on your site as well as on your social channels. What is rich content? It's things like:

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Infographics
  • Testimonials
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts

Let me ask you a question. Have you read a blog online today? (We know the answer is "yes" because you are reading one right now!) What about videos? Have you watched a video online today? The answer is very likely "yes," too, not only because YouTube is the second most visited social media site (after Facebook), but also for these reasons:

  • The average Internet user watches 32.3 videos a month
  • Putting a video on a landing page increases conversions by 80 percent
  • After watching a video, 64 percent of consumers are more likely to buy the product shown

That simply doesn’t happen with staid, old content.

What you want is to create a site that's sticky; in other words, a site where people actually want to stick around and browse for a bit. The way you get that is by having a wide variety of rich content. Think about it this for a second. How engaged would you be if you found yourself visiting a basic, boring site with only a few stale articles, a bland “About Us” page, and an outdated graphic at the bottom of the page that has “© 2014” next to it? 


Contrast that to a site with rich content. One full of blog posts, videos, images, and more. That is the type of content that engages you – and your tribe, too. It will make them want to stay on your site longer, which, in turn, means they will be more likely to buy something from you or to do business with you.

So yes, rich content will make you sticky. Just not from Scotch tape.


Steve Strauss is the author of The Small Business Bible and a senior columnist for USA TODAY. He also runs the website,, and hates ketchup.

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