Infographic: 10 Tips to Help Your SEO Strategy
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Infographic: 10 Tips to Help Your SEO Strategy

Contributing writer for The Local Doer, Jessica Thiefels, recently wrote about the 10 ways local businesses can immediately improve their local SEO efforts. The first step for accomplishing this involves building a successful and well-integrated online and offline marketing strategy. And although that alone can feel like an uphill battle for many local business owners who are dipping their toes into marketing for the first time, the team at YP, The Real Yellow Pages® is here to help.  

While we highly recommend that you take a quick read of Jessica’s article above, we thought it would also be a great idea to turn that advice into a handy infographic. So, that’s what we did – and we’re unveiling here today. Now, you’ll always have a quick and easy reference for helping your business website climb to the top of the search results page. Take a look below and, while you’re at it, be sure to save it for future reference.

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