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Download - The Practical Guide to Today's Mobile Customer

Not long ago, people accessed the Internet primarily via their desktop computers at home or at work. Today, given rise of mobile devices of all shapes and sizes, people are now able to perform practically any "online" task wherever they roam. Whether it's responding to emails, paying bills on the go, checking in on social networks, booking a dentist appointment, or finding the best Italian restaurant nearby — people are using their devices to find what they need when they need it. Local marketing is at the heart of this. It's about understanding (and mastering) the ins and outs of the digital world as well as implementing tactics that take full advantage of the ways in which today's non-stop connectivity makes it possible for small businesses to create deeper, more relevant communications with target consumers in real-time.

In fact, local search is the most powerful marketing channel for local businesses to tap into today. It delivers high quality leads, solid ROI, and more clicks than other digital marketing channels. Big brand marketers are paying attention to local search in growing numbers — which is a good indicator as to why you should, too. That's why we've created The Practical Guide to Today's Mobile Customer to help you get started. This guide provides the must-know basics to maximize every potential opportunity you have to reach local customers across all digital touch points. It also highlights the important consumer habits — and online behaviors — you must be aware of in order to ensure your marketing efforts work hard for your business. Understanding these principles is a good start. The next step is to put them into practice so that potential customers can easily find your products and services and become long-time loyal shoppers. Be sure to download The Practical Guide to Today's Mobile Customer to learn how.   Photo Credit: iconimage via Adobe Stock

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