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Download - The New Consumer Journey Infographic

Innovations in technology have made a big impact on how people and brands interact today. Search engines, while still a very important part of the digital marketing ecosystem, aren't the only way consumers discover new businesses, products, and services — especially at the local level. And as mobile usage has been steadily on the rise, we've seen the start and end points of a consumer's path to purchase shift as well. Whether consumers start their journey by searching online or via a mobile app, what tends to be a common thread is an immediate need for information. They want to know if your business provides the products or services they're after, how to find and get in touch with you (easily), and even if they can make an immediate purchase online. Keeping this in mind, it's more important than ever to ensure your business's digital presence is in check — as doing so can be the "make or break" that aids in a consumer's decision-making process, one that ultimately leads them to your business. If you haven't yet come to grips with the challenges — and opportunities! — associated with the new consumer journey, you certainly aren't alone. Many businesses still rely on traditional (online) marketing tactics to attract new customers and engage current customers, but wonder why they aren't seeing real ROI. To succeed today, businesses need to think beyond the search box.

That's why we've created The New Consumer Journey Infographic to help you understand how your target consumers are searching as well as what they expect once they find your business (and every step along the path to purchase in between!). With the right information you can make smarter decisions that increase your brand's reach, improve your customer's experience, and ultimately drive revenue.

Check out The New Consumer Journey Infographic to learn more about how understanding today's shopper behaviors can help shape your marketing efforts in a big way.  

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