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3 Ways to Measure Search Marketing Success

Originally published on the YP Corporate Blog on November 15, 2016. Consumers are now going online via their smartphones more than their computers. While this may not come as a surprise to many, this is a critical moment in the history of tech innovation — and its impact on consumer behaviors — that local businesses must keep top-of-mind. Why? Because mobile has fundamentally changed the way consumers search and connect with local businesses. And businesses that haven't fully adopted and implemented a strategy to capitalize on this shift towards mobile are missing out on opportunities to connect with local consumers. According to "The Why Before the Buy" research study, conducted by YP in collaboration with Thrive Analytics and the Local Search Association, a couple primary reasons consumers choose to search for local businesses from their smartphones is both the ability to -€˜click-to-call' a business directly as well as to see which businesses are "near me." The mobile consumer is critical to local business growth today. Here are a few ways local businesses can better reach their local consumers:

  • Mobile search with call extensions helps close the gap between businesses and consumers. However, as wonderful as it may be to receive a call, the more important measure of success for local businesses is the conversion rate of calls into sales. Call tracking solutions — with various caller logs and call recording features — can help business owners connect the dots between marketing spend, call volume, and revenue.
  • With more people now searching on mobile devices using "near me" queries, location targeting has quickly become another critical piece of the local search marketing puzzle. By enabling location extensions and more precisely targeting specific geographic areas (geo-fencing), local businesses can attract nearby consumers at the moments when they are most likely to buy during their path to purchase.
  • Search retargeting is another highly effective way to target consumers and drive sales. Let's say they're searching for a product. They start by inputting a search inquiry and then click on a link to a website to learn more. But then, instead of continuing on with the purchase, they decide to do a little more competitive research or simply get sidetracked by other tabs on their browser. When visiting these other sites, however, they may see ads pop up for the products they were just browsing.  These ads are the result of search retargeting. It's a marketing tactic that can help close the sales loop for consumers who do not immediately follow through on a purchase. Search retargeting provides a one-two punch: the ability to target high-intent consumers at the right time and place (along their path to purchase) and create a near seamless follow-up strategy that keeps your product or service offering top of mind as they bounce from site to site.

Having performed hundreds of thousands of search campaigns on behalf of our clients, YP has deep expertise in search engine marketing. Our SEM solutions include placement on our own properties — YP.com, the YP app and The Real Yellow Pages, which reaches a combined audience of nearly 60 million ready-to-buy consumers. Our partnerships with leading players like Bing, Google, and Yahoo also mean we're at the forefront of changes in the world of digital marketing that may directly and immediately impact local businesses. In an ever-changing digital environment, it's important to have the right mix of marketing and measurement solutions. To learn more about how YP connects local businesses with local consumers, visit YP Marketing Solutions.   Photo Credit: Adobe Stock (Standard License)

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