Thank you for advertising in The Real Yellow Pages® directories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Why did I receive the Renewal letter in the mail?
A: Welcome to the YP Express Renewal program. This program allows you to view special offers and new products on-line or by phone. If you don't need to make any changes, you’ll continue connecting your business with a ready-to-buy audience and your program will be renewed as is. If you do have questions or want to learn more about advertising, give us a call at 800-479-2977. 

Q: I do not understand the confirmation package.
A: The package has a cover letter and a detailed summary of your current advertising program. If your advertising is ok, no further activity is required. If you need to make changes or if anything with your business listing has changed since the last publication (for example: a change in address), please contact a representative at the number below to handle your request and to verify that the information is accurate.

Q: Where do I find my Customer ID?
A: Your Customer ID is located above your mailing address on the letter and summary that you have received.

Q: My firm name or address has changed.
A: For business White Page listings, please contact your Telephone Provider and, for Yellow Page changes, please contact your regional service representative (see number below).

Q: When will my new contract term start?
A: Your new contract coincides with the publication of the next directory. The issue date and final date for changes can be found on your summary.

Q: How are you going to use my email address and contact information?
A: We use personal identifying information to provide, confirm, change, bill, monitor, and resolve problems with the quality of YP-offered products and services. We also use the information, including aggregated information, to develop, market and sell our products and services. For more details, please refer to the YP Privacy Policy.

Q: How can I contact someone concerning my advertising?
A: If you have questions or want to learn more about advertising, give us a call at 800- 479-2977 or request information.