Small Business Advertising for Today's Customer: How to Stand Out
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How to Stand Out in a Sea of Competition

Digital advertising is one of the most effective ways to expand the pool of potential customers for your small business. It can also be costly, however, so you want to make the most every dollar you spend.

Today’s customers are pressed for time and skeptical of marketing messages, which means that you need to work harder than ever to earn their attention. The following small business advertising tricks will help you reach a larger audience and get maximum results from your digital marketing budget.

Seek inspiration from other brands your customers love

Brands outside your market can help you identify the design elements that will most easily grab your customers’ attention. Build a profile of your ideal customer based on the brands she enjoys.

Take note of the design elements that those brands have in common and incorporate them into your ads. For example, if your customers are young women who enjoy doing yoga and shopping at Anthropologie, you might use soft hues and elegantly whimsical typography to appeal to them.

Speak your customers’ language

The people who are most likely to buy from you probably don’t use the same terms as you to describe your small business. You need to speak in your customers' language to create a message that makes them want to interact with you.

Interview some of your existing customers to understand the words and phrases they use when explaining how your business solves their problems. Use their language as inspiration when drafting your ad copy.

Know what matters to your customers

As the provider of a product or service, you have a completely different point of view of your market than your customers. The things that you think give you a strong competitive advantage may not matter much to your customers, and it’s important for you to know about those perception gaps.

Maximize the impact of your digital ads by using copy that focuses on what your customers find most important.

Focus on benefits

People have less time and attention to give to your small business today than at any other point in history. If you want to capture their attention, you need to clearly show them how you can help them.

Instead of talking about features, discuss how those features will make life easier or more pleasant for your customers. For example, if you’re an interior designer, don’t use your ad copy to talk about your 15 years of experience. Instead, tell potential customers that you’ll give them a beautiful new room – and that they won’t have to lift a finger (or a loveseat!) to get it.
Small business advertising is more challenging than ever, but it is still absolutely possible to reach your audience with digital ads. The key is to create ads that speak directly to the people who are most likely to buy from you.

When creating your next ad, be sure to build a detailed profile of your ideal customers first. If you use the information in your profile to inform your design and copy choices, you’ll significantly increase your chances of standing out from the crowd.

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Small Business Advertising for Today's Customer: How to Stand Out


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