How Your Small Business Competition Is Stealing Your Customers
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How Your Small Business Competition Is Stealing Your Customers

Many parallels can be drawn between business and politics. Similar to politicians, some small businesses market their own assets while others spend their time researching and mimicking their competition.

Here are two common ways that your small business competition may be stealing your customers, and one easy way to combat them.

Using your businesses ads

Say you’ve crafted digital ad campaigns to increase your brand awareness and customer base. In many cases, your small business competitors might be piggy backing off your hard work.

Instead of spending time on making their own ads and marketing messages, they are using yours. How? They simply mention your brand in their digital marketing campaigns, stealing the traffic you worked so hard for.

From here, they can mention how they provide a better value or service. It is because of this that it’s important to be cognizant of not only the ad campaigns that you put forth into the digital space but also those of your direct competitors.

Tracking mention of your brand on the Internet

You know your brand is doing well when people are talking about you in a positive light online. Your competitors have undoubtedly noticed the attention your business has been getting, and they may have decided to use it to their own advantage.

They can accomplish this by tracking mentions of your brand on social media channels and reaching out to the people that mention your business/service offerings. Your competition could offer them a better price, or promote the quality of their service as better than yours.

What to do to get your customers back

To get your customers back from your small business competitors, you must be digitally present and proactive. You don't want to create a mud-slinging scenario online, which would do nothing but deter your customers.

Instead, increase your marketing efforts. Focusing on the positives of your brand, you should be constantly tracking how your brand performs across all channels. Know who is talking about your business and reach out to them. Keep your business fresh in their minds with regular and relevant content, and exceptional digital customer service.

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