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4 Techniques for Designing Eye-Catching Direct Mail

Direct mailers are still a great way to advertise sales and promotions, generate leads, and build brand awareness. But, they can also be a waste of time and money if you don’t go about it the right way.

If you’re spending money to send direct mail to your prospects, you need to make sure it’s something they want to read when they pull it out of their mailbox.

From direct mail postcards to brochures and packets, here are four techniques to avoid the trash can and get the kind of attention you’re looking for.

1. Play with texture

If you want to give the impression that business is going well, an upgraded material can go a long way. Whether you’re sending out a save-the-date postcard or a package of membership renewal materials, you want the cardstock, cardboard, or paper to express durability and high quality.

Embossed paper envelopes, slick double-sided cardboard or cardstock postcards, and other special touches probably won’t set you back too much, but will definitely give a good impression.

2. Make recipients feel special

Whether you’re sending direct mail to current clients, previous customers, new prospects, or some combination of these, it’s important to make them feel special. By referring to a customer as “valued,” customizing the mail with their first name, and reminding them how long they’ve been doing business with you, for example, you can appeal to their sense of loyalty.

3. Open the lines of communication

Another way to get people’s attention when addressing them through direct mail postcards, packets, and brochures is to give them multiple ways to reciprocate the communication. This makes the experience feel more interactive and less one-sided, and allows people to get in touch through the medium they prefer best.

Online codes, URLs for personalized web pages and social media platforms, postage-paid envelopes, email addresses, and telephone numbers are standard options.

4. Give the impression of urgency

One surefire way to get more people to open your direct mailers is to suggest - without being overly demanding - that an urgent response is necessary.

The right combination of large and bold fonts, carefully selected graphics, and key phrases such as “TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL” and “REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION” could make a huge difference.

Whatever direct mail tactics you use, just remember to consider the specific audience each time. The key is to give the right impression without coming on too strong.


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4 Techniques for Designing Eye-Catching Direct Mail | Yellow Pages


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