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Direct Mail Advertising: 5 Tips for Making it Work

While many people consider direct mail advertising to be an old-school method, we have not yet entered a fully virtual world. Generating leads and nurturing customers in the tangible form of direct mail is still powerful, because we all still exist and respond to each other in the physical world.

Maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaigns by following the following five best practice tips:

1. Know your audience

You need to know who you’re addressing in order to shape your message effectively. Demographic information is only the beginning; once you know your audience's age range, location, gender and likely income level, you need to go further and create a complete profile for your targets.

What are their needs and pain points? What about their shopping habits? Taking the time to construct clear customer profiles will enable you to choose your words and style most effectively.

2. Feature a prominent “free gift” encourages marketers to always feature an easy-to-understand free offer, trial, or gift in their direct mail pieces. This special offer should have an easy response and redemption method, either online or through included pre-paid envelopes.

3. Find out what your customers want

Before crafting your direct mail ads and your free gift offer, it’s a great idea to ask your customers and website visitors to fill out a survey. You can also offer a small reward for simply filling out the survey. This is a great way to incentivize potential customers to share more information about themselves, which will shape your advertising approach going forward.

4. Make sure your envelope gets opened

Direct mail offers won’t be helpful unless they’re read, so think creatively about what will get your recipients to open those envelopes. One option is to hand address the envelopes. Few companies will stop and take the time to add this personal touch, so for mere seconds of your time, you can make your mail stand out from the rest.

5. Put care into the layout

The medium matters as much as the message when your recipients hold that piece of paper in their hands. Direct mail marketers should make good use of large, eye-catching fonts; plenty of images; bullet points; and highlighted notes in the margin. makes a definitive statement: “Direct mail is one of the most important pieces of your marketing plan.” Although it requires more steps than online outreach, direct mail advertising is a vital tool that you can’t afford to abandon if you want to cover all your marketing bases effectively.


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Direct Mail Advertising: 5 Tips for Making it Work | Yellow Pages


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