So You Want to Go Viral? 3 Steps for Viral Marketing Success
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So You Want to Go Viral? 3 Steps for Viral Marketing Success

Thinking about trying viral marketing? It could be the biggest promotional tool your business has ever used—if you do it right. Going viral can be a huge boon to your brand, but achieving it isn’t so easy. Here are three steps to put you on the path to viral marketing success.

Hold a contest or give something away

One of the easiest ways to capture your target audiences’ attention online and inspire them to spread the word is to provide an opportunity to get something for free. Whether you hold a contest with an exciting prize or simply give something away at a cost you can afford, people will often get excited enough to share it.

Even a free eBook could be an effective giveaway if the information inside is relevant and useful to your audience. It’s especially important to offer several prizes if you’re holding a contest, though, so there are more opportunities to win besides the grand prize—that way people will be less likely to keep the contest to themselves.

Give people a reason to spread the word

Simply offering something of value isn’t enough to make a campaign go viral online. If you really want to go viral, you’ll need to give people a reason to share the news. Start by offering a "refer a friend” form at the end of your offer, and you should add some sort of incentive to fill it out - perhaps a free piece of software or access to an industry-specific whitepaper. There are several reliable programs that make it easy to install a “refer a friend” feature to reward people for sharing, so there’s really no excuse not to do it.

Market your campaign on multiple mediums

There are many forms of media to spread a marketing campaign, and the more forms of media you utilize, the more likely you’ll be to go viral. Think articles, blogs, images, podcasts, press releases, and videos—all sharing the same message. For example, an informative mini-course is a great theme to post about. And then, at the end of your message, customers will have the chance to subscribe to a mailing list and share the message with their contacts online.

In addition to these great ideas, you must also be prepared for the growth, ready to capture contact information through your campaign, and, of course, offer memorable content that is worth sharing. With these insights in your arsenal, “going viral” is one step closer for your business.


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So You Want to Go Viral? 3 Steps for Viral Marketing Success


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