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Give Customers a Video Education (About You)

As students get ready to go back to school, it’s time to educate your customers—about your business. Videos are a great way to build your brand awareness and attract customers. Forrester researchers determined that while a picture might be worth a thousand words, a minute of online view is worth 1.8 million words. That’s a lot to gab about, but it takes savvy to break through the online clutter.

Here are eight ways to make and exhibit a video with verve.

1. Focus on a happy customer

Your video should promote your business—but indirectly.With video, the one thing to avoid is filming yourself talking about your business,” says Praveen Puri, a management consultant and executive coach. “Nobody wants to watch a standard commercial.” There are plenty of ways to make a video pop: If you renovate houses, for example, film at a client’s home. Put the client on camera, and let them proudly walk and talk the audience through the improvements. Don’t ask the client to praise your carpentry skills. Instead, ask him to talk about how they love their remodeled room.

2. Give good advice

Providing tips is another good approach for creating a video that grabs eyeballs online. “If you own a restaurant, have the chef teach a recipe,” Puri says. “It does not even have to be something from the menu. It could be an omelet—made with the chef’s special touch.”

3. Have some fun

Even if people turn to a video to be educated, they also want to be entertained. “Make the video fun and creative,” Puri says. “A good example of this is the Blendtec blender series of videos called, ‘Will it Blend?’ where they chop up common items.” A creative touch like that increases the chances of a video going “viral,” meaning people will spontaneously share it. But Puri says to never forget the cardinal rule: the fun and creativity should always be tied into your product or service.

4. Keep out of the shadows

While people are forgiving about online video quality, Sarah Funderburk of Schroder Public Relations in Atlanta says one thing to double check is proper lighting. “Film in an environment that doesn’t give you stark shadows on your subjects’ faces,” she says. “Make sure you’re never backlit by the sun or any other bright-light source. The key is to get even lighting to give a flattering look.” She provides another tip for eliminating distractions: Stabilize your shots by using a tripod or camera rig. “The audience will not watch a video that is shaky and has terrible camera movements,” she says.

5. Do a sound check

Video is visual, but you also want to give customers (a pleasant) earful.“If your video looks good but your audio is terrible, you will lose your audience,” Funderburk says. “But if your video quality is mediocre/good and the audio is great, the audience will stay with you.”

6. Make videos searchable

Creating a good video doesn’t finish the job. Funderburk says to make sure to tag and to add descriptions to videos so that your videos are more “searchable” and add to your online presence. She adds: “Many overlook the benefits of using microdata mark up. Microdata helps search engines index your video. Providing Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines with your video title and tags is unlikely to help them understand the actual meaning of your video. By inserting microdata, you can offer search engines a better understanding of your video’s content and meaning.”

7. Make videos shareable

“The videos embedded in eNewsletters can be easily forwarded and passed around to others,” Funderburk says. “The opens and other metrics are trackable, and it makes a seemingly boring company enewsletter much more engaging. A recent report by Forrester, supported by mailVU’s own data revealed that incorporating video into an email campaign can double or even triple click rates.”

8. Look beyond YouTube

“You should definitely post your video via other social media and not just on YouTube,” Funderburk says. “Just as with photos and links, videos increase the likelihood for your posts to get shared on social media. According to Facebook, its video viewership has doubled since January. Facebook even recently revised its algorithm to incorporate more videos in feeds for users who enjoy videos (viewer duration, like, comment, etc.) and fewer in feeds for users that don’t, so your Facebook fans who want to view videos are more likely to see your post.” 

Make a visual impact

Creating affordable, engaging, professional videos promoting your business is easy with YP. We provide several video options for businesses, from simple photo and voice-over visuals, to video interviews and profiles, to 360-degree virtual video tours of your facilities, products or services.

Key features include strong distribution coupled with best in-class production; the delivery of a powerful, dynamic message; build trust and showcase your product and/or service expertise; a memorable message with a call-to-action; and a DVD copy of the video for your business’ use.

Learn more about ypVideo℠ Profile, ypVideo℠ Self-Submit, and ypVideo℠ 360.

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Give Customers a Video Education (About You) | Yellow Pages


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