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6 Video Tips That Work For Your Business

Video is hot. Here's some solid proof: YouTube is the fourth-largest site on the web and it boasts some 800 million visitors a month who watch more than 4 billion hours of video (Source: YouTube, 2012). If you want to boost visibility and entice prospective customers and clients, a well-produced video can be a picture-perfect way to do it.

Unfortunately, the number of videos in circulation can make it difficult to stand out. That makes it critical to know how to produce a video—and how to use it once it's done—to help raise it above the din. Here are six ideas to help make your viral an asset to your company.

Keep it short

Effective videos are tight—generally, no longer than two minutes, according to Nathan Egan, managing partner of The Freesource Agency, a Philadelphia social media consulting firm.

Keep it focused

Before you make your video, decide precisely what you want to convey about your business. "They can be humorous, clever or shocking," says Egan. "Find your angle and brainstorm."

Leave the sales pitch on the cutting room floor

No one wants to watch a movie that boils down to a sales shtick. Make it fun or emphasize customer support, training or other topics that are more compelling.

"Keep it light and entertaining and let it pique their interest," says Lynn Mettler of Step Ahead, a Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, social and Internet marketing concern. "Send them to your web site for more information."

Coppola need not apply

A video doesn't need Hollywood glitz to entice customers and promote your business.

"There's no need to hire a professional," Mettler says. "In fact, an over produced video can easily turn viewers off who may feel like they're being sold to."

He suggests using a flip video-style camera and software such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to make edits and add music. But keep in mind you shouldn't make the video so chintzy that it puts your business in the same light.

Think about where you want to place it

Given its dominance in the online video market, YouTube is an obvious, proven destination. But investigate other sites that may be more focused on your audience (check out the Video Sites Top 50 blog to learn more.) And remember it to share it via Facebook and Twitter.

It's nice to share

Some company videos become so popular that people pass them along to colleagues or friends. Make it as easy as possible for them to see.

"Allow them to embed it wherever they'd like," says Mettler. "Add 'TweetThis' and 'ShareThis' buttons so people can share via social networking."

The steps above can help you put together a video that promotes your business by catering to the demands of a visual age.

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