5 Content Marketing Strategies That Will Build Brand Awareness
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5 Content Marketing Strategies That Will Build Brand Awareness

Content marketing is arguably one of the most popular small business marketing solutions trends. This type of marketing solution requires the creation of meaningful content to attract customers. It is an example of ‘pull’ marketing, which is diametrically opposite to traditional ‘push’ marketing.
A properly executed content marketing strategy can be wildly successful at building brand awareness. Adopt these five content marketing strategies to grow your audience and influence customers directly:

1. Blogging

Blogging should be the bread and butter of any content marketing plan. With total blog readers in the US alone reaching 140M, you have the potential to influence a massive audience.

More importantly, research indicates that blogs have a significant impact on purchase decisions, with 31.1 percent of consumers saying that reading authoritative blogs influences what they buy.

As blogging replaces mainstream media in influence, authority and raw numbers it’s all the more important to incorporate a solid blogging strategy in your content marketing plan.
The keyword for a sound blogging strategy is ‘focus’. Instead of competing with larger publications on post volume and traffic, focus on your niche expertise. While post frequency is important, it is important to ensure that everything is highly relevant to readers in your specific niche. Offer genuine insight, not generic fluff; your readers will love you – and your brand – for it.


2. Email newsletters

Old-school as it may be, email newsletters are still astonishingly effective. Building up a large subscriber base and sending those contacts regular newsletters puts your brand in very visible digital real estate – your customers’ inboxes. After all, the inbox is the first thing your customers check every morning.
The key to a successful email marketing campaign is testing, testing, and more testing. Split test everything – subject lines, greetings, messages, pitches, and the close. Tell, don’t sell and watch your brand awareness grow organically.



3. Free Content

Giving away free content—ebooks, whitepapers, business marketing articles, etc.—is a sure shot way to increase brand awareness. It is also a great way to grow an email subscriber list: just give away a high-value eBook in return for an email address.
Consider creating reports, eBooks and whitepapers that explain or offer solutions to problems in your particular niche. Make sure to align the subject and voice of this free content with your existing content marketing strategy.

Generally speaking, white papers and industry reports are more effective in B2B markets, while casual ebooks perform better with consumer-facing brands, although this may vary from niche to niche.



4. Image-based Content

The internet is becoming increasingly visual every day. Consider platforms like Vine, Imgur.com, BuzzFeed and Pinterest as an example. These image-based platforms have grown exponentially in the last couple of years.

BuzzFeed has quickly climbed the rungs to become the 23rd most popular website in the US with an audience of 58M readers. Image-based content is easily digestible and puts your brand at the forefront of internet trends.



5. Video

According to Invodo, 52 percent of consumers agree that watching videos make them more confident of making purchase decisions. A small business video gives you access to a huge audience and offers tremendous branding potential. While creating a video can be more difficult than pumping out a blog post, the returns, in terms of better brand awareness, can be enormous.



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5 Content Marketing Strategies That Will Build Brand Awareness


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