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3 Ways to Start Content Marketing for Small Business

Content can be an effective way to market your business, as long as it’s carefully crafted and well executed. But the days of just starting a blog and expecting to gain notoriety, a following, and ultimately, sales, have long since passed. Successful content marketing for small business campaigns involve careful planning, thought, and roadmaps.

It can feel overwhelming, but we’ve broken down the top three “Ds” to get your content game going.

DECIDE Why you want to “do content”

If the answer is because someone told me I should have a blog, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Knowing why and how content is useful is the first step in being able to plan for how you should implement your strategy. Do you want to get traffic to your site? Do you want qualified leads? Do you want to convert those leads into customers?

Understanding exactly what your goal is will help you both decide what and how to “do” your content, along with, perhaps most importantly, how to gauge your success.

DEVELOP Personas

Who are you writing for? The single most important element of content marketing is knowing who you’re trying to reach. If you take the time up front to develop your personas and really understand who it is you want to talk to through your content— that is, who will your content be helping—you can begin to create a content calendar with topics that will be specific to your personas’ needs. Doing so will help them find you online because they’re actively searching to solve a dilemma that you’re writing about.

DETERMINE What types of content will you write

Content isn’t just blogs any longer. Content can be a Facebook post, a Tweet or Pin, a landing page, a downloadable premium offer such as a whitepaper or e-book, an infographic, case studies, a branded email, blogs and articles, guest posts, and more. One successful strategy that many small businesses use is to spend the time and money to create one really detailed, researched, and ultimately great piece of long-form content, like a whitepaper, and then use that one piece as a springboard for multiple short pieces like blogs and social media promotions.

Content marketing can be daunting, but when done right, it can be a lucrative means to both gaining new customers while further establishing trust with your current ones. If you simply don’t have the time to flesh out a creative content mapping strategy, it may be worth it to look into outsourcing the project to a content marketing company.


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