Throw a Business Event to Boost Brand Awareness and Find Customers
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Throw a Business Event to Boost Brand Awareness and Find Customers

It's easy for small business owners to become trapped in an invisible corner of the market, but there is a way out. If you want to build a strong brand awareness and get your name out there, hosting an event is a solid way to spread the word.

Not only can events help you network, find customers and build partnerships, but they can also help you find new sponsors and better advertising methods.
Events are primarily about networking. Whether you are planning a blanket drive for the homeless or putting together a snail race, the point is for your brand to be front and center.

Throughout the entire process, ensure that everyone knows exactly why they are at the event and what your brand represents. There are three important things that you need to do in order to put together a successful brand event: budget, advertise and follow-up.
You already know why budgeting is important. Running the numbers incorrectly puts you in a position to lose money rather than make it. Consider what kind of event is the best for your brand, and whether it is within your budget.

If not, you can to to wait another six months before you start planning or plan something more affordable. Even small events can get the ball rolling in terms of word-of-mouth advertising, and they are a great way to connect with customers.
As for advertising? Use everything in your arsenal to get the word out and make people excited about the event. Tweet, start a Facebook Event Page, send flyers to your customers and get yourself on the radio.

You should also call in to your community newspapers and let them know what's going on so that a member of the publishing staff will come out to give the event some press coverage. This is not the time to be shy! The more you talk about your brand event, the more people will turn up to see you there.
When it's all said and done, follow-up is crucial. Keep a list of everyone you met during the event and keep it organized. Which people were customers? Which were ad salesmen? Which were grateful charity reps? Keep in touch after the event to thank everyone for coming and even offer them a discount or promotional item for turning up. 

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Throw a Business Event to Boost Brand Awareness and Find Customers


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