The Art of Brand Awareness and How You Can Master It
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The Art of Brand Awareness and How You Can Master It

Small businesses can boost their chances of success by building strong brand awareness among their target customers. When consumers hear your company's name, you want them to immediately think of superior service and top products in your given industry. Building strong brand awareness is the best way to create a loyal and growing customer base.
The first step to building brand awareness is to clearly define what your business is and what it does. If you can't do this, you can't expect your customers to understand the services you offer. If you run a lawn-care business, you might focus on the experience of your staffers. This would help you to begin selling your lawn company as the one with the most skilled landscapers.

If you run a hardware store, you can focus on the personal attention that your workers provide. After all, how many employees at the big-box hardware stores can help homeowners find the perfect screws, nuts and bolts for a kitchen-cabinet remodel?
Consistency matters as well. Once you've decided on a philosophy for your company, you need to promote it on a regular basis. This is where blogging and social media can help. Create a blog for your business and update it at least two to three times a week with information about your company's services, profiles of your business' most experienced and talented staffers and testimonials from satisfied customers.
Don't forget to reach out to your local media outlets and local customers. Many reporters will be happy to write profiles on your business as “feel-good” stories. Others will quote you for service pieces. If you run a plumbing business, for instance, a reporter might be happy to interview you for a story about tips for preparing a home for holiday guests or creating a home-repair budget.
Finally, once you've developed an identity for your business - include it. Whether it is in the form of a new logo or the creation of a new tagline, publicize these changes across the board. The key to building brand awareness is to work at it, day after day. The more consistent and persistent that you are in promoting your business, the stronger your company's brand awareness will be.

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The Art of Brand Awareness and How You Can Master It


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