5 Reasons Why Blogging Can Help You Build a Brand
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5 Reasons Why Blogging Can Help You Build a Brand

So, you want to build a brand for your small business, and you’ve probably heard that blogging is a good way to do that. But let’s say you don’t really have the time or the desire to commit to a regular posting schedule. However, small business owners need to understand that content marketing has become one of the most powerful (and affordable) ways to increase your brand’s visibility and reputation. If you’re really serious about building a brand, a blog will help you tremendously.

Here are five reasons why you should start one today.

1. It’s essential for SEO

The more branded, keyword-optimized content you have on the internet, the stronger your search ranking will be. Even if you don’t want to bother with things like meta tags and long-tail keyword phrases, the simple act of regularly publishing new, industry-relevant content will naturally boost your PageRank on search engines.

2. It helps you establish expertise

It used to be that you couldn’t demonstrate your knowledge or skills until someone asked you to. Now, blogging lets you show the world what you can do anytime you want. Publishing case studies that explain how you helped past clients or sharing your thoughts on topics your customers care about helps you develop a reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

3. It’s a way to reinforce your company’s values and personality

In all honesty, there are probably numerous other small businesses that offer the same products or services that you do. It’s your brand’s values and personality that will make people decide they want to buy from you rather than one of your competitors. From the topics you choose to cover to the brand voice you use in your content, your blog helps people get to know (and like) your company on a deeper level.

4. It’s a way to grow your subscriber list

It’s a fact that the people on your subscriber list are more likely to buy from you than random website visitors. It goes without saying, then, that you want as many people on your subscriber list as possible. Posting fresh content on your blog gives you something to post about on social media, directing new people to your website. When these people visit your site, read your blog, and like what they see, they’re more likely to subscribe. For you, that means more potential customers.

5. It’s a great buzz generator

People love getting to see behind the scenes. If you’re preparing for an upcoming launch or you’re participating in an event, sharing a sneak peek on your blog is a sure way to create buzz. People who are excited about what you’ve got going on will tell their friends, and word of mouth is an excellent brand builder.

As you can see, it’s time to stop making excuses and start a small business blog. Blogging takes time and effort, but the brand equity it builds makes the investment more than worth it.

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5 Reasons Why Blogging Can Help You Build a Brand


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