3 Potential Problems with Your Local Listing and How You Can Fix Them
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3 Potential Problems with Your Local Listing and How You Can Fix Them

Local listings are a great way for customers to find your business if your listing is accurate, complete, and clear. Here’s three potential problems you could encounter with your local listing, and how you can fix it:


1. Inaccurate information

One of the worst local listing offenses out there is the proliferation of inaccurate information.  This seems most prevalent among businesses with multiple locations. Local listings may include inaccurate addresses, phone numbers, or websites.  A single entry may have several errors.


2. Incomplete information

Ideally, a listing should include your name, your location(s), your phone number(s), and your website. The best listings will also include hours of operation, local customer reviews, and a message about the nature of the products and services you offer.

3. Duplicate listings

Businesses with multiple locations or multiple service categories may be duplicated in local listings. This can potentially confuse your customers, especially if any of the vital information they’re looking for is missing or inaccurate.

Fixing the problem

People are actively looking online for the products and services businesses like yours have to offer. If they find your listing but still can’t find you, they’ll find somebody else.

To provide customers with clear information, you need to merge or delete duplicate listings and ensure the information is accurate and complete. Most listing services provide businesses with access to their listings, usually for a nominal fee.

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