How to Build Customer Goodwill - & Get More Sales!
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6 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Customers

Small businesses are appreciative of their best customers, and this is a good time to express your gratitude for those relationships that allow your business to exist and thrive.
Here are six ways to say thank you to your customers:

1. Be timely and specific

Don’t wait too long—say something soon—and be specific. Not just ‘thank you,’ but thank you for something specific and why you truly appreciate it,” Roxana (Roxi) Hewertson, a business consultant who runs, a leadership website.

“For instance, a wonderful friend of mine took time out of his frantic schedule just to help me with some great financial counsel—not once, but several times. His advice was incredibly useful and made a big difference in my life. I thanked him and shared with him the impact of his help on my life. And when he needed my skill set, I didn’t wait for him to ask; I made sure to offer my time to him freely and with gratitude.”


2. Make your gift a keeper

The best thank you gifts provide the customer with a contact number and are practical so they want to use and keep it, says Sandy Lamb, a small business expert and the author of four books: How to Write It; 3000 Power Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews; Personal Notes; and Write the Right Words. She recalls a thank you gift she received from a local plumber: a round, textured rubber circle she uses several times a week to open difficult jars. It’s printed with the plumber’s name and telephone number.

“I have a Broncos games calendar from one real estate agent and a Rockies’ schedule of games from another,” she says. “These gifts are keepers, and remind me that should I need the services of either, I have contact information at-the-ready.”



3. Pull out your pen

Many of us cringe at the size of our email in-box, but a personal, stamped letter still brings a smile. “A hand-written thank you note is both rare and underrated for its value in impressing and building customer loyalty,” Lamb says. Make the note brisk but sincere—again, note the specific act and the benefit it provided to you, like a suggestion that helped you mount your next sales strategy.



4. Give one to the team

“If your customers are professional clients, consider giving them something they can take back and share with their own team,” says Rick Crossland, a business coach with ActionCOACH. You might send enough gourmet pastries to feed their entire office staff. Or send a new wine and cheese once a month to an important client so they can have an end-of-the-week cocktail hour.



5. Make your gift public

If you want the whole world to know your gratitude to an important customer, include them in your content marketing—put a link to their business on your web page. Or ask them to do a case study or video which you can post on your site, helping with their own small business marketing. Also, don’t be shy around referring your best customers to people who might become customers of theirs.



6. Keep envisioning new ways to say thank you

“Ask your customers often what they would love to see, have, experience,” Hewertson says. “Ask your most creative friends to brainstorm totally out-of-the-box thinking. Surf the internet for marketing ideas that suit your business. You can build on those and massage them to suit your customers and your business. Never, ever, think you’ve arrived—that you can’t do better. There is always a new twist that could generate excitement and energy for you—but as the leader of your business, you have to set that tone or it won’t happen.”



Make your customers a higher priority

Nothing is more important to your business than your customers. The more you know about serving them—and reaching those that ultimately mean the most revenues for your business—the faster you’ll grow. YP Practical Marketing Education Series for Small Business is a series of five free webinars that focus specifically on building your customer pipeline with profitable results. Webinar topics include:




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How to Build Customer Goodwill - & Get More Sales!


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