4 Tools That Make Online Booking Easier for Your Customers
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4 Tools That Make Online Booking Easier for Your Customers

Appointment scheduling software is increasingly popular in the digital age. This technology has become so popular, in fact, that many businesses are losing customers because they don’t offer it.

The fact is that countless consumers simply don’t want to pick up the phone — they would much rather schedule appointments with your business online and at their convenience. If you’re ready to begin offering online booking, or want to improve your current online booking system, these user-friendly tools will help you do it.

1. Appointy

If you want to take appointments through your Google Calendar any time of the day or night, Appointy is a free application that will help you do just that. It will also work quite well even if you don’t have a Google Apps account.

Appointy not only accepts appointments online, but also acts as point-of-sale software, processes partial and full pre-payments, sends receipts and thank-you emails, and allows clients to enter information about the services they require. There are features to authenticate customer identities and modify appointment availability, as well.

2. BookingPad

BookingPad is an online booking system that small businesses can integrate into their website to easily accept bookings and take online payments through PayPal. Though in Beta, the system shows promise to dominate the scene with its ability to offer customizable features that make it useful for a variety of purposes and businesses. As a small business scheduling software program, BookingPad has carved out a niche with businesses employing fewer than 50 people.

3. ClickBook

This free online scheduling and booking program makes it easy for clients and customers to schedule appointments over the internet with features such as 24/7 online booking, advanced security measures, daily updates, mobile text reminders, notes, and more. ClickBook FREE is available for businesses with one physical location (in addition to any online/mobile services) and fewer than 50 current bookings, but paid upgrades are available for larger businesses.

4. SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS is a scheduling software program that allows customers to book appointments online through your website, which you can accept from any location at any time of the day or night. It can also be used to allow employees to book meeting rooms, prospective customers to see when rentals are available, students to sign up for classes, and more.

Small business scheduling software simply makes it easier for customers to initiate transactions, which will serve to boost sales and make your business more profitable in the end. Are you ready to make appointment scheduling software a bigger part of your small business?


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4 Tools That Make Online Booking Easier for Your Customers


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