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Seasonal Strategies to Attract More Local Leads

Spring represents a range of holiday marketing opportunities, including the chance to create your own!

March is the beginning of spring, and the end of winter, and your customers are ready for a change. It’s the perfect time to revise your small business marketing to capitalize on their upbeat mood, and in doing so, attract more local leads. And March offers lots of hooks to grab their interest:

March Madness

The annual college basketball tournament has a catchy nickname that is a marketer’s dream. It’s a natural theme for restaurants and sports bars. In that case, you can email customers with specials to watch the games at your establishment, hang a big banner out front, and put a large poster of the bracketed teams inside. However, businesses that have no direct connection to sports can capitalize on the madness too in their local marketing.

Jennifer Bondurant, founder of CatchPhrase Communications, offers this idea, which could be a slam dunk for retailers: set up a mini basketball hoop set and give customers a discount if they make a shot. As with any clever marketing ideas, make sure to take photos, and post them on your Facebook page.

St. Patrick’s Day

Capitalize on the luck of the Irish on Sunday, March 17. Charles Gaudet, founder of, suggests that businesses create contests for customers to try their luck at earning a free gift, significant discount, or special prize. Or offer a one-time discount on everything in your store that’s green.

If you have a product that you can turn green for the day, the added sales might turn your competitors you-know-what with envy. And featuring the product in your direct mail or website can create a great piece of viral marketing.

Spring Cleaning

In March, many people are putting away their winter stuff and pulling out lighter gear or looking to spruce things up.  That provides a natural tie-in for companies that offer storage, cleaning, fashion, renovation or construction. But any business can grab onto the spirit of the season with “out with the old, in with the new” campaign featuring your new arrivals or services. 

Your own holiday

You can really stand out by making up your own holiday tied to the special characteristics of the third month of the year. For example, Marlene Chism, a consultant and author of Stop Workplace Drama, created her own March holiday tied to her book and workshops aimed at eliminating workplace conflicts.

Why March? She explains: “most of us are recovering from a very gray winter, with some moments of SAD or depression. We made New Year’s Resolutions, but we didn’t keep them, and we are rounding the bend to the first quarter. Many of us are recovering from overspending and over eating during the holidays and Valentine’s Day.” 

Her “holiday” comes with actionable suggestions like: “Have a contest where the most creative way to stop the drama wins $100.” A creative, individualized holiday is also a great way to get publicity. 

That’s just for starters. You can tell customers to “Beware of Missing the Ideas of March” on the 15th. And there are always lesser-known holidays that might be perfect for a particular business. For example, March is—no kidding—“National Umbrella Month.”

That might be a good hook to remind customers that April showers will soon be coming their way—and your store has a fresh stock of umbrellas and raincoats. For a list of holidays, visit the Brownielocks site.

Customize Your Holiday Greetings

YP℠ Digital Express lets you send highly customized, highly targeted direct mail from your own computer. Within minutes, you can build and order your own customized holiday postcards for delivery to any number of your customers, either using your own mailing list or an available third-party list. It’s like having access to your own digital mailroom.

The process is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Create your postcard using colorful, pre-designed templates or your own personal designs.
  2. Target your customers using our area, zip code, or demographic filters; upload your own mailing list; or use an available third-party list.
  3. Preview your direct mail details, and check out. That’s it!

Learn more about ypDirect℠ Mail

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Seasonal Strategies to Attract More Local Leads | Yellow Pages


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