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9 Ways to Extend The Holiday Cheer for Your Customers

A lot of companies find the holiday sales boom is followed by a New Year’s doldrums.

Here are nine ways to keep the holiday cheer coming and the cash register ringing:

1. Pre-sell that sale

Want to sell a customer once, but have them buy twice? When they make a holiday purchase in December, include a discount coupon or gift card redeemable in January.

“Customers will come back to your store later to use the ‘free’ money they received,” says Danielle Savin, director of digital consulting services at Lyons Consulting Group (LYONSCG), a digital agency that works with e-commerce providers.

The short retention period creates a sense of urgency.

2. Offer some add-ons

During December, a sporting goods company might sell a lot of outdoor grills. January is the perfect time to send out an offer for 25 percent off grill accessories. If you can match the accessories to the specific grill the customer bought, you can count on sales heating up even more.

3. Get social

Don’t slow down your small business marketing efforts after all the stockings have been stuffed; keep your marketing going strong even during the “slow” months.

“One great way businesses can stay in consumers’ minds during and after the holiday is by launching timely social media campaigns,” says Lisa Parkin, president of Social Climber, a social media consultancy.

“Remind social media followers what great sale items they can use their gift cards on.”

4. Be the resolution helper

Lots of people make resolutions for the New Year—so think about how your product or service can help them keep their promises to themselves.

A Harris poll found the most common resolutions are to exercise, improve finances, get a new job, eat healthier, manage stress better, improve a relationship, stop procrastinating, or set aside time for yourself. Think of clever ways to tie your marketing into these goals.

“Or post inspiring quotes for the New Year that tie into the brand message,” Parkin says.

5. Run a contest

What better way to ignite the holiday spirit than with a holiday-themed photo contest?

“Photo contests are a fun way to gain new followers and increase engagement, all while sharing a variety of giveaways,” says Cliff Corr, director of client marketing at Rockhouse Partners, a digital planning and strategy company.

“We’ve seen holiday contests receive 66 percent more submissions than average, so running one of your own is an easy way to boost social engagement and promote sales.”

And there’s no reason the contest can’t he held after the holidays. You could ask people to describe, say, the wackiest gift they received.

6. Check those abandoned carts

People often put items in online shopping carts as a kind of wish list—it’s a way to store items they plan to buy later. A study by Bronto and Magento, an e-commerce software provider, found that nearly half of consumers found a reminder about abandoned shopping carts to be helpful.

“A simple reminder e-mail can have a significant impact on increased sales,” Savin says

7. Use the weather

Once of the best ways to weather the post-holiday doldrums is tying into the weather. Set up auto-reminders to find customers in appropriate zip codes who might still be suffering through slushy weather.

For a raincoat maker, this may be obvious, but plenty of other businesses can find a clever weather hook. If you sell games, for example, you can tout them as the perfect solution for when schools are closed for several days in a row because of snow.

Also think about campaigns tied to weather-envy—when people are shivering in January it’s the perfect time to sell them on a Hawaiian vacation.

8. Give some thanks

Lots of businesses send out holiday cards. How about a “post-holiday” card, thanking customers for their patronage? This will make your card stand out from the mass of materials people get during the holidays.

9. Know your customers

“By identifying behavioral purchase patterns and offering the right promotions to the right customers, you are more likely to attract customers to continue to buy from your site,” Savin says.

“Recognize which customer groups want discounts and what others may be more interested in exclusive items and previews. Take the opportunity to surprise and delight your best customers to make them feel special. Personalizing promotions as much as possible will build customer loyalty and repeat business.”

Get ahead of post-holiday sales

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9 Ways to Extend The Holiday Cheer for Your Customers | Yellow Pages


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