4 Fun Small Business Marketing Ideas for Halloween
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4 Fun Small Business Marketing Ideas for Halloween

With a little imagination, any small business can capitalize on  the Halloween festivities. Halloween is the second-largest retail holiday in America; it's estimated that Americans will spend $8 billion on Halloween goods and services this year. Take advantage of the fun and frivolity to promote your business. Here are some small business marketing ideas for Halloween to get you started.

1. Offer Halloween products and incentives

Any type of business can offer an incentive or a Halloween-themed product. Get inspired by other businesses that have been successful with these marketing ideas:

  • Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries: Create special pumpkin treats and decorate food with Halloween themes
  • Hotels and inns: Hold a Halloween ghost hunt or murder mystery
  • Spas and nail salons: Offer custom Halloween nail designs featuring witches, bats, and other spooky stuff
  • Hardware store: Sell "Build Your Own Scary Monster" kits
  • Any business: Offer a discount to customers in costume

2. Get your employees involved

Encourage your employees to bring Halloween to the workplace by dressing in costume. Hold a costume contest and post the results on your social media. If you have a group of especially energetic and outgoing employees, organize a Halloween flash mob dance or stunt, and film the event to post online.

3. Host a Halloween event

Join with other businesses in your market to host a Halloween-themed event. A couple of examples:

  • Pet groomers, pet stores, and veterinarians could host a pet-costume contest.
  • Hair salons, hair accessories shops, and makeup retailers could sponsor a Halloween hair and makeup contest.

4. Use a Halloween theme to market your service

This idea is especially good for professionals and trades who have small client bases. Pick a Halloween theme that relates in some way to your business and use it for a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign. A dentist could use a Count Dracula or vampire theme, a chiropractor could use skeletons, a home renovator—scary old mansions, pest removal services—bats. Use these Halloween visuals in print and online to draw attention to your services in a humorous way.
Any of these ideas can add a touch of fun to your business and increase your brand awareness with current and potential customers alike. So dust off your witch hat and broomstick, get out there and have fun.


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4 Fun Small Business Marketing Ideas for Halloween


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