How to Challenge Your Small Business Competition Using Social Media

small business internet marketing
Understanding your small business niche is a must before you can market your business online.  The first part of being competitive in the digital marketplace is a basic understanding and optimization of your website. To take your marketing to the next level, building a social media strategy with niche market keywords will help you combat your small business competition. Here are a few methods to get you started:

Finding Niche Keywords

Consumers search for products and services using specific keywords so it's important to find as many keywords as possible that relate to your business. Continuous research is time consuming but is a necessity to stay current and relevant. Keyword research tools are very useful and will provide you with rich keywords and phrases that you can use in developing your social media marketing content.

Building Content

Use the list of keywords you generated to guide you when choosing topics to post about. More specifically, incorporate the 'long tail keywords' into your content, rather than posting about generic topics. Applying these keywords to not only your social posts but including them within blog posts and html elements will provide optimal results.

Cross-Promoting Content

Once you have developed keyword-rich blog posts and social content, get to publishing and promoting! Using social media to cross-promote your internal blog posts will establish consistency and drive increased traffic to your site.
Niche marketing is very powerful, as it presents yourself as a subject matter expert and distinguishes you from your competition. It also builds credibility with your customers and highlights your expertise. This strategy will make you stand out against your competitors, and build a solid foundational brand following.

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Accuracy counts! Update your business information including your phone number, address, and hours of operation to enjoy the benefits associated with your complimentary business listing.

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