Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Turn local online and mobile searches into business leads

Depending on your search engine marketing needs, YP℠ offers different solutions to help you drive local online and mobile leads to your business. We use a variety of lead sources, such as Google, YP, Yahoo!, and Bing to help maximize results.

ypSearch℠ offers a solution to local businesses looking to generate more leads while ypSearch℠ Pro is a fully customized solution providing high-touch service, custom reporting, and quality leads. Our search solutions are expertly crafted to deliver results so that you can focus on your business.

Let Search Experts Design and Manage Your Campaign

Let Experts Design and Manage Your Campaign

Your search campaign includes program consultation, custom campaign creation, optimization, and reporting. A dedicated manager will support your business objectives during your campaign and review campaign performance with you.
Be Contacted by Local Searchers

Be Contacted by
Local Searchers

Drive leads to your business in the form of calls, emails, or online form fills from online and mobile lead sources such as Google, YP, Yahoo!, and Bing.
Know How and When Searchers Contact You

Know How and When Searchers Contact You

You have 24/7 access to your account on YP℠ Marketing Solutions to view your campaign details, review your leads, and play back recorded customer calls.*

*Must opt in to call recording. Not all lines of business and categories are eligible.

Your Search Engine Marketing Solutions


Starting at $300/mo

Generate local online and mobile leads on Google, YP℠, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Online and mobile campaigns

Online and mobile landing pages

Call tracking and recording

Ad extensions

Day parting

Point-radius targeting

Intelligent bidding

Quality checks

Call, email, and form fill filtering

ypSearch℠ Pro

Starting at $6,000/mo

Experience the best-in-class lead generation solution.

Custom online and mobile campaigns

Industry-specific keywords

Unique ad copy

Aggressive keyword bidding

Uses local business's website

Dedicated account manager

Same day response and support

Custom reporting

"YP generates enough leads for me that it's obviously worthwhile for me to stay there and keep continuing going on."
Martin McKinney of Service Station Equipment
Martin McKinney

Service Station Equipment

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"YP is one of the smartest decisions I've made when it comes to bringing patients in the door."
Dr. Allan McCord of Kent-East Chiropractic
Dr. Allan McCord

Kent-East Chiropractic

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