Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

ypDirect℠ Pro is a full-service, integrated direct marketing solution. ypDirect℠ Pro provides customized formats & design to meet your needs, the ability to target consumers that are more likely to respond to your offer and reporting to measure your campaign’s performance.
Get a Custom Campaign

Campaign Management

Your direct marketing consultant will help you design your direct marketing campaign, which includes creative design, printing, postage, direct mail delivery and email deployment. Utilize our tracking mechanisms to measure the success of your campaign.
Reach Your Audience

Audience Targeting

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately.1 Use our demographic filters and geographic targeting or supply your list to place your customized message in the hands of the consumers most likely to respond.

1 2014 DMA Statistical Fact Book, Direct Marketing Association

Track the Results

Multi-Channel Integration or Campaign Integration 

Reach the same audience with a consistent message and offer at the same time with direct mail and email.

How It Works



Your local direct marketing consultant will help you design an impactful campaign



YP℠ will design your creative with professional and customized graphics



Utilize our lifestyle, behavioral, and demographic filters to reach consumers most likely to respond



Select your drop date, either a single drop or multiple drops, and we’ll take care of the printing, mailing and email deployment

Your Direct Marketing Solution

ypDirect℠ Pro

Starting as low as $10K/campaign

Entice potential customers to
contact your business

Custom creative design

Lifestyle, behavioral, and demographic filters

Multi-channel campaign integration

Call tracking numbers, Personalized URLs,
QR codes and coupons

Single drop or multi-drop campaigns

Printing, mailing and email deployment

"On average we're getting about 200-250 calls per month through YP."
Dr. Ross Clark of Woodland West Pet Care Centers
Dr. Ross Clark

Woodland West Pet Care Centers

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"YP’s helping us to stay in touch with our customer base and find new customers all the time."
Steve Johnson of Aero Compressor
Steve Johnson

Aero Compressor

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