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How to Interview for Small Business Video Production

When it comes to small business video production, conducting interviews is often the first step in the process. Interviewing customers and/or employees can help provide a personal touch, make your brand more approachable, and put a positive spin on your brand identity. And, more importantly, right now video is one of the most shareable forms of content in the marketing world.

But not everyone has the charisma and public speaking skills of an entertainer or politician. Check out these tips for how to interview people so your next small business video is a marketing success.

Throw out the script

While there are some cases where a script is needed, in most cases this will make the resulting footage stiff and unnatural. So, instead of creating a scripted interview, perhaps set aside a few guidelines or talking points with your interview subject ahead of time. Remember, you can always re-shoot or edit the answers that don’t come out quite as you expected. And you can always edit out the question-asking later, too!

Ask what they do (and why)

When interviewing your subject, you’ll want to ask what they do, how that’s different from what others do, and why they do it. This can serve to inform the audience and promote a unique perspective. If you’re interviewing an employee, also ask what their favorite part of the job is.

What problems do you solve?

If you’re interviewing an employee, you’ll want to ask about the problems they solve and why that’s important, and try to focus on how this can help customers. If certain pain points are unique to your industry, make sure to ask about those too.

What are your concerns?

It’s also helpful to ask your interview subject about what keeps them up at night, and what they do to address those concerns. If you’re talking to a customer, ask about their concerns or grievances with competitors. Or if you’re talking to an employee, ask what they do to ease customers’ concerns, what the most common pain points are, and what advice they give.

What’s next?

A look to the future is also essential, whether you’re interviewing an employee or customer. This is where a call to action should come in.

One final tip is to ask as many follow-up questions as possible, and avoid questions that can be answered in one word. Now your small business videos should lead to greater success.


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