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Balancing Investment with your Website and Yellow Pages

Using Yellow Pages to Broaden Your website's market

Successful websites often rely on a number of lead-generation tools to draw traffic. To truly reach all markets, experts recommend casting a wide net. This can be done through investing in various online resources, one of the fastest growing and proven being Internet Yellow Pages (IYP).

IYP offers advertisers dozens of localized search sites, as well as a national site, depending on the desired market. With several IYP ad types available, businesses can get creative with their campaign.

Options include:

Enhanced (sponsored) listing

With this option, the business's information and logo are listed at the top of the listing box above the other free listings. Usually, visitors can click on the logo or a specific button to link to the business's website.

Banner ad

These advertisements appear somewhere outside of the listing box, often at the top of the Web page. They mainly serve as a branding tool and aren't necessarily search-related like the listings. For instance, a pizzeria banner ad might appear on a page devoted to automobile shop listings. Sometimes they include animation, pop-ups and other attention-grabbing features.

Listing with email link

IYP offers the capability for consumers to immediately contact a business via an e-mail link on the listing. Not only does this feature open up the lines of communication with prospective buyers, but it also helps businesses measure which listing messages get direct results and which ones don't.

The benefits of tapping into Yellow Pages' online popularity show in the numbers. The latest call-tracking data reveals that:

  • Yellow Pages sales return on investment (ROI) equals more than 27 to one for national display advertisers.
  • Yellow Pages ROI equals nearly 13 to one for local display advertisers.
  • Call volumes for a majority of Yellow Pages advertisers climbed. Specifically, some 60 percent of those who participated in a recent call tracking study reported increases.
  • Yellow Pages advertisers that saw a spike in call volume showed an average 49 percent increase in leads.
  • The median local Yellow Pages display ad delivers approximately 444 calls per year, totaling a price of $29 per call.
  • The median national Yellow Pages display ad delivers 979 calls per year, totaling a price of $15 per call.
  • When it comes to automotive, home and garden, health and beauty, and general services categories: People who use IYP (locally) individually spend four to 22 percent more than those using other search engines.
  • Those who use IYP also individually spend four to 17 percent more for offline purchases in the drugstore, automotive, restaurants, and home and garden categories.

The payoff of marketing with Internet Yellow Pages

Studies found that consumers who use IYP to track down a business are more likely to purchase than those surfing standard search engines. In fact, research indicates people logging onto IYP generally are focused on finding a specific service or product. Certain online marketing experts point out that IYP users seem farther along in the purchase decision cycle. Other benefits of promoting your website through IYP include:

  • Approximately 65 million people use IYPs each month to find products and services.
  • Low risk—Setting up an IYP account is fast with limited commitment.
  • Geographically targeted on true shoppers— IYP users can narrow their search down to a specific zip code with a few clicks of the keyboard. IYP sites appeal most to consumers ready to purchase a specific product/service.
  • Ad placement & update flexibility—IYP advertisers have the ability to quickly change promotional message, aligning it with consumer demand at the time. No close dates.
  • Trackable leads make it simple to calculate ROI.

But what about people who turn to the printed Yellow Pages as the leading source for business information? An ad placed in the widely-used book, with your website's URL and an online offer, works as an effective lead strategy.

Many businesses use the printed version as a quick method to get in front of the traditional consumer. The ad steers the viewer to the website, which then educates the consumer on the actual products/ services available. Consumer psychology shows that multiple impressions help build trust and the perceived credibility of an operation.

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