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FREE local business listing on YP: the #1 local search destinationBe found where consumers are searching for local businesses.

YP.com is a top 40 Web Domain1 in the US. The YP℠ app and YP.com are used by over 80 million visitors each month.2

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Turn consumer interest into new business opportunities. Accurate and up-to-date contact information is the first step to converting online consumers into real customers. When you complete your updates to your profile, customers will be able to call your business, send you an email, or create point-to-point driving directions, right to your front door.

No website required!

Take advantage of your Business Profile Page, which is free with your business listing. This one-page, easy-to-read summary is your opportunity to share unique information about your business, providing consumers with everything they need to know about your business when making their buying decisions. Now you are in control of how your business appears online with compelling offers, engaging photos, hours of operation, & more.

1 YELLOWPAGES.COM, comScore Media Metrix Top 2000 Web Domains Report, Feb. 2013
2 YP Internal Data 2011 – 2012

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In today's society, everything is done through the Internet. And YP has brought us a lot of customers.

- Flora Muca, Work X Plumb Heating, Inc., Brooklyn, NY